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Can’t Sit Still While Reloading Bullets

bulldog helping me reloading bujlletsI have been breeding Bulldogs for about ten years. I currently have three dogs as I am looking after a dog for a friend of mine. All of the dogs get along really well and they are great companions when I am doing my daily work.

I am one of those people who just can’t sit still or relax. I have to be doing something at all times. I don’t even like to watch TV or movies. On the weekends I really like to unwind and I ride motorbikes and hang out with my buddies in between taking my daughter to her dance class and running errands. I’m very much a tomboy. Between my husband, my daughter, and I we have six motorbikes so it takes a lot of money and work to keep them all running smoothly.

I have a few side projects going to supplement my regular forty hour work week. One of the things that I do is reload bullets. I use them myself and I sell them to my buddies as well. We like to camp every couple of weeks when the weather is nice. We unwind and we like to shoot at empty beer cans and targets. We try to pick up all of the spent casings before we leave so that I can just reload those ones.

My husband and I like to spend as much time with our daughter as possible. So once dinner is completed and the dishes are done. We usually set a game of cards, Scrabble or Monopoly and play that until it is time for her to go to bed. After that I head out to the garage.

I have a work area for reloading bullets set up in my garage. I have all the materials I need: my reloading press, the empty casings, the powder, cloths, and all my tools out there. I usually spend an hour or so a night working on it. I take the dogs for a walk after I am done so they like to hang out with me. They all sleep peacefully for the first fifty five minutes and then they all start doing elaborate stretches to let me know that it is time for their walk.

We head down the road to a park that is just a few minutes away. They run around the park sniffing and doing doggy things and I sometimes will walk as well and sometimes I run through some of my martial arts poses. I am working on my black belt in Karate so I try to get in as much practice as possible.

After the walk the dogs and I head back to the house and I feed them before I shower and sit down to have a relaxing drink with my husband before bed. The bulldogs all sleep in the house so they like to share the couches with us as we sit and talk about things we have to do and any news we have learned. They all have their own beds but they seem to find our furniture more comfortable.

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